Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Day Ten -- Home Again

No, I haven't suddenly returned to Oregon. Today I crossed the state line into Michigan, where I was born mumbledy-mumbledy years ago tomorrow. I grew up and lived here until I was about 21. I tell people there's a law here that if you don't have a driver's license by the time you reach your 22nd birthday, they make you leave. Except for the few months I took drivers ed and had a learner's permit, I never drove in Michigan. I only became a licensed driver when I was ... mature and living in Massachusetts.

I'd planned to spend the night in Kalamazoo. Figured that was as far as I would get. Then it looked like I could get to Battle Creek ... or maybe Jackson. Each one was 30-40 minutes apart. And it was only another short jaunt to Ann Arbor. So here I am. Only a little over an hour to my aunt's house near Pontiac. I'll be able to get there fairly early tomorrow so we can spend more time together.

In Battle Creek I needed to stop for gas. As I was trying to choose an exit where I could also get something to eat -- ice cream, maybe? -- I saw it: a sign for several gas stations and for Big Boy's. That was it. I would go and have a Slim Jim. I used to live on those sandwiches when I was in high school. Hadn't had one in years. Love that special sauce.

So here I am in my economy motel. Only places within walking distance are a MacDonald's, a Taco Bell and some coney island joint. I figured I have driven enough for one day, so I had to settle for a light snack from one of the above.

Not sure I will have any opportunity to go online after tomorrow morning until Saturday or Sunday. At least I have a cell phone signal. I may add another post tonight. Or I may just draft some stuff and add it at a later date.

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