Saturday, September 1, 2007

Bon voyage surprise

Spent my last Saturday in town volunteering at the zoo. And what lovely parting gift the primates had in store!

During the night one of the francois langurs had given birth and the baby was discovered when the keepers arrived this morning. Francois are leaf-eating monkeys from southeast Asia. They are black with punk hairdos, but the babies are bright orange. I got to take a quick peek at mother and baby. The youngest monkey I've ever seen. Cute little ears sticking out from its Howdy Doody head.

By a strange coincidence, the last time I visited the zoo just a few days prior to my previous road trip seven years ago, I learned that a baby mandrill had been born just a few days earlier when I saw it on exhibit. Natalie is now a lusty little seven-year-old.

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