Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Day 23 -- More apes, no driving

Not much to report today. I did a little cleaning and some laundry. Made a few treats. One job is to stay out of the way when someone is trying to shift their apes so I don't distract them.

I think I've seen all the apes finally. Even Linus the orangutan. He was here when I visited in February, but he's kind of shy and I never got to see him. I just visited him in his night house a little while ago. He put on a bit of a display and started doing a call. Don't think I've ever heard a male orang call before. (They're usually pretty quiet.)

I spent some time watching the chimps who live in the back part of the sanctuary. And they sat there in a row and watched me right back. I didn't go to that area yesterday because the vet was there and they didn't need any disruptions. But today I got to watch the two youngest residents -- Stryker and Kodua -- act like the little kids they are. I could spend hours watching them.

I haven't left the grounds since I arrived on Sunday. Tomorrow, however, I will be driving down to Lake Placid to visit family. I need to be sure to get back before dark. Out here there are no street lights and it gets really dark. Not sure I could find the driveway. Plus I will have to unlock the gates to get in. Proabably won't be able to blog tomorrow. Not sure when I will get online again.

On Thursday I will leave here and head for the east coast of the state. Visit with family and one or two days volunteering at Save the Chimps. Then on Monday I start the heavy-duty driving again.

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