Sunday, August 5, 2007

Trip prep: Name the blog

A month from yesterday -- Labor Day -- I will hit the road for a two-month road trip. I'll be traveling from Oregon to Florida and back. There will be stops along the way to view scenic areas, visit friends and family, and spend time at great ape sanctuaries.

Still lots to do to get ready. Picking a blog name is near the top of the list. Here are some of the ones I considered:

PTrog Times
"PTrog" for Pan troglodytes (common chimpanzee); "Times" to maintain the theme with my existing (previous?) blog, Evolutionary Times. Too esoteric.

Primate Road Trip
I'm a primate. I'm taking a road trip to see other primates. But it just doesn't ... sing.

Road Trip: The Sequel
Seven years ago I made a similar trip, which I documented on a website. ("Blog" was not in the vernacular.) But I wanted the name to include my focus: apes or primates. Scratch that one.

Travels Without Charlie
Charlie is the alpha male chimp at the Oregon Zoo. I'm going to miss seeing him or the other "kids" for two months. Too literary -- and I never actually read the Steinbeck book.

Finally, variations with "Ape4Apes"
Ape4Apes Times. Ape4Apes Road Trip. (Plain ol') Ape4Apes.
Ape4Apes has been the pre-@ component of one of my email addresses through several ISPs. It's simple. It's easy to remember. It's me. And it was available as a blogspot URL.

So Ape4Apes is the URL. Ape4Apes - On the Road is the working title.

I'm going to try to document my trip (and some of the preparation) both to enable friends and family keep track of my wanderings and to create record I can look back on when the trip is just a distant memory and I'm back in my office cubicle.

If you happen to find this blog, feel free to leave a note or send me an email.

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