Friday, August 24, 2007

D-Day is little more than a week away -- maybe.

I spent last weekend getting things done in preparation for the Big Trip. Cleaned up the computer. Loaded software. I took a vacation day on Tuesday and got really busy making arrangements for bill payments, mail forwarding, suspension of subscriptions, all the rinky dink stuff. Then came Wednesday and what I thought would finally be my last doctor's appointment before the trip. I was wrong.

Turns out the message was potentially serious. I needed a test, and it really couldn't wait until November. A biopsy. After two stress-filled days I had the test done today. The doc says we won't know until the results are in next week, but it didn't look "troubling."

Feeling more upbeat now and will spend much of the weekend getting ready to hit the road. I know that I'm still not home free -- or should I say "away from home free"? I may find out on Tuesday that I have to cancel the trip and undo all the preparations. If so, that will be the least of my problems. And besides, I've determined that I won't lose my 2-month sabbatical. I'll just have to get well and plan another adventure.

But for the time being I will THINK POSITIVE and continue preparations so I can be ready to set out on Labor Day.

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