Sunday, August 12, 2007

Getting psyched now

Finally getting into planning mode. Really. This weekend I pulled together the "library" (a box with selected books and magazines) I'll take in the car. Seven years ago, I packed a box of books and hardly made a dent. I spent WAY too much time writing and editing text for my website. And editing and editing ... and editing. I had to prepare each entry and email it to my friend Janet who was hosting the site. I obsessed about making each entry just right because it would be difficult to make subsequent changes.

Not this trip. This time I am pledging NOT to obsess about what I write. So what if my grammar gets a little klunky or I don't find just the right phrase? This is supposed to be a vacation.

Today I've been looking up and bookmarking tourism websites for some of the places I'm thinking of visiting. (The Montana state site is so well done, I felt moved to send them a note about how useful I found it.) But I'm also pledging not to over-plan my itinerary. I'm making lists of places I might decide to see and noting routes I might take, but I am leaving plenty of room for spontaneity.

FOUR WEEKS FROM TOMORROW and we're off! [Update: No. Not FOUR. THREE WEEKS. Yikes!]

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