Wednesday, October 3, 2007

More computer issues (a rant)

After all the problems with the wireless access on Monday, I specifically chose a place that had a wired lan AND dialup dataports. Nevertheless, I could not get online last night. The ethernet connection would not work and suddenly I was being denied access on my dialup account.

This AM I have spent almost an hour on the phone with my ISP tech support -- multiple calls and transfers (and accents). In then end the call was dropped. No one has called me back despite the fact that every person I spoke with asked me for the number where I could be reached.

Anyway. I tried one more thing and got on -- at a very slow speed, but I'm on.

Where I'm going next I'll probably be staying in the same motel for 4 nights, so I hope things go more smoothly. Or maybe I will be doing more reading in the evenings. Books, not websites.

More detail later but I'm just outside Jackson, Mississippi, and heading for Shreveport, Louisiana. Tomorrow I report to Chimp Haven to volunteer for a few days.

I covered 469 miles on Tuesday and gained back one of the hours I lost on the first half of the trip.

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